Divorce Friday
Divorce Friday
Alimony Series Summarized

Divorce Friday podcast hosts, Chris and Diane, succinctly summarize the nine previous episodes of the Spring 2022 Alimony Series, by highlighting the takeaways and key issues of alimony in Massachusetts.  From understanding the concepts of “need” and “ability to pay” to learning how child support affects the calculation of alimony, this episode is a must if you don’t have time to listen to the entire series.  If you are a business owner or receive executive compensation, like stock options, understanding how those are treated as sources of income for alimony is very important to setting your expectations in divorce.  Under MA law, all income, with only one or two exceptions, is considered a source of income for both child support and alimony.  Being educated and informed about support issues is paramount to receiving a fair and equitable divorce settlement that meets you and your families’ needs.


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