Divorce Friday
Divorce Friday
Financial Impact of Alimony - Overview of Alimony in MA

Episode 1 – Guest Attorney Fern Frolin  

Did you know that alimony dates back to 1700 B.C.? In fact, the word alimony, like so many of our English words, comes from the Latin word, alimonia, which means nourishment or sustenance.  Who knew?  In this first episode of Divorce Friday’s Alimony Series, family-law attorney extraordinaire, Fern Frolin, of JAMS ADR, gives us an amazing overview of alimony in Massachusetts.  When parties marry, they are economically intertwined and interdependent.  Marriage is an implied contract that states the parties will take care of each other, both emotionally and financially, forever.  Divorce is a way out of that contract.  But separating lives and maintaining a similar lifestyle as enjoyed during the marriage becomes very difficult.  Support for the economically-dependent spouse may be needed, but how much and for how long has always been one of the most debated, highly contentious issues in divorce.  Over time, Massachusetts statutes that govern alimony have been revised to adapt to changing times.  Having a better understanding of alimony up front will help set expectations and lead to a better outcome. 


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