Divorce Friday
Divorce Friday
Modifications and Self-Modifying Agreements

EPISODE 7 – 5/13/22 – Attorney Lisa Cukier, Burns & Levinson, Boston, MA

Many people do not realize that their Separation Agreement (divorce agreement) is a legally-binding contract that cannot be changed after the divorce without the approval of the court. A modification is the legal process for changing or amending certain aspects of the agreement that has already been finalized and entered into court. Beware of informally ‘modifying’ your own agreements when it comes to support issues or parenting time because you may become stuck and unable to go back to the original order. You can’t file a contempt charge on an informal agreement. Lisa also expertly addresses the terms ‘survive, ‘merge’ and Self-modifying agreements in a way that we can all understand. If you are wondering if your spouse is in contempt or if there has been a breach in contract, this episode will help to answer your questions.


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