Divorce Friday
Divorce Friday
The Interplay of Alimony & Child Support

EPISODE 9 – 5/27/22 – Attorney Sandra Lundy, Richardson Law, Cape Cod, MA

When do we calculate just alimony and no child support, or a combination of both? The new Child Support Guidelines of 2021 clearly states that it would be advantageous for clients to calculate several different support scenarios to see which one best meets the needs of the family, the recipient spouse and the payor spouse. Judges like to see the different tax effect of each scenario but it really boils down to available income after taxes. We want to make sure that there is enough income after paying/receiving support to then pay for both parties’ lifestyles and housing needs, as well as the expenses for the children. There is only so much income to go around, so by exploring multiple support scenarios, we are able to maximize the available income to meet the needs of the family. Sandy’s years of being in the courtroom and hearing what judges are thinking and doing, directs this informative discussion on alimony.


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