Divorce Friday
Divorce Friday
What is an Alimony Buyout?

EPISODE 8 – 5/20/22 – Attorney Lisa Cukier, Burn & Levinson, Boston, MA

After divorce people just want to move on. But when there is an alimony order, the ties with your ex-spouse can continue for years to come. An alimony buyout allows for a lump-sum payment upfront, so parties can disengage and there’s not an obligation going forward for a number of years. From an emotional point of view, an alimony buyout can be advantageous for both the payor and recipient. But as with everything, there are pros and cons and certain risks when implementing a buyout. We welcomed back Lisa Cukier again to help us break down the buyout process. Should you agree to a buyout? Will it meet your needs adequately? Or, will you overpay based on an assumed durational limit? Join us to find out more.


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