Divorce Friday
Divorce Friday
What Makes a Case An Alimony Case?

Episode 2 – Atty. Andrea Wells, Turco Legal in Newburyport, MA

Simply put, if the recipient has a “need” for additional support and the payor has the “ability” to pay additional support, then there may be case for an alimony order. There are other considerations however, that need to be factored in like, are the combined gross incomes under $400,000 or over, will there also be a child support order, does the recipient have their own income to cover their “need”? Just because one party wants alimony does not mean they will receive it. Need may be defined as the lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage, but we all know that once you split into two separate households, it is almost impossible to afford the previous lifestyle. The best thing you can do if you think you need additional support in the form of alimony, is to educate yourself as to our laws and guidelines so that you can manage your expectations. Knowing the possible outcomes ahead of time, can save you time, money and can help to keep emotions in check.


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